Trick or Treat

“It’s odd though,” said Stephi. “Not one other child.”

“Maybe trick or treat just isn’t a thing in English villages,” replied Dean.

They ushered their offspring to the next house. Knocking on the door, calling a cheerful “trick or treat!”

The door creaked open, revealing a trail of blood to a pile of empty sweet wrappers, waiting to be filled.


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16 thoughts on “Trick or Treat”

  1. In America, people do tend to forget. When you yell trick or treat, you are offering strangers an option on what to do with you. Gotta love the tricks.


      1. Oh hey that’s another thing. In the UK, hose that do trick or treat dress as monsters, ghouls, ghosts and other creatures of the night. We often look at American Halloween with utter confusion where you guys dress as cheerleaders and TV characters heh. The difference the Atlantic makes… πŸ™‚


      2. You forget cosplay strippers, Playboy bunnies, and sexy vampire; we are American too free with all things. LOL Hence our current issues….Hee


      3. Ahh, mate, between USA’s issues and our Brexit come failed government, chaos in the country is one thing we have in common!


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