Magpies Eyes

Jane watched the three deer eating the hunter’s corpses by the road side. She grinned to herself. If only her friends at the Animal Freedom Justice Association could see this.

She laughed as a stag pulled long, knotted intestines from a hunter’s stomach. It was almost the perfect end to a perfect day of animal rescue.

Now, if only she could do something about the magpies pulling her eyes out and the rabbit chewing a hole in her wind pipe.

24 thoughts on “Magpies Eyes”

    1. I’m watching a netflix documentary series called Weird and Wild Nature or something like that. A recent episode showed a deer eat a baby bird that had fallen out of the nest. Sooo… not so far-fetched!


    1. Bambi has hit me twice on my motorbike running across the road, once delivering a brutal back foot to my leg. Bambi can do one! 😛


      1. Well whatever you feel, I like it! I think we all can improve because we aren’t perfect. I know with my stories I have a lot of grammatical errors. I just get so exciting writing and want to share so bad after, that I don’t catch them all. Keep up the good work, it’s inspiring!!


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