Jelly Pasta

Jellyfish arrived, dressed as pasta.

“OK,” said Reala. “I’ll bite.”

“Not me you won’t!” yelled Jellyfish with a smile.

“Jellyfish,” said Reala, “why are you dressed as macaroni…”

“Fake macaroni,” pipped in Jellyfish.

“Why then,” replied Reala, “are you dressed as a fake macaroni?”

Jellyfish grinned. “I’m an impasta!”

“Good grief,” sighed Reala.

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49 thoughts on “Jelly Pasta”

  1. Impasta! Haha! 😉
    The like-button won’t load on my computer – so I’ll tell you, here, that I liked your post.
    Thanks, by the way, for finding me on wordpress, too.
    See you here or on Ello!
    Much Love,


    1. Howdy hoo Stefanie. I figure if I keep spotting the same person its a sign. Or an algorithm… Hopefully a sign. 🙂

      Like buttons not working correctly due to JetPack I believe. Missing a few likes isn’t an issue. 🙂


      1. Or maybe it’s an algorithmik sign!
        (I believe in signs, too. 🙂 )

        The like button finally worked. Took ages to load. Probably I was getting updates.
        Anyway, it prompted me to comment and say “Hi”. – See, I follow the signs! ?


      2. Harr, yup! I have had to tuck the site behind a wall of Cloudflare again recently and it’s dicked about with all things JetPack. Like button may or may not return… 🙂


  2. I so do love your stuff. Even the odd creepy things which are not very good to read before bed. Horror bites nibble at your sleeping soul sometimes!


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