George Foreman

“So, what happened?” asked Flower.

“He got nicked for shoplifting,” said Fuen. “Left a trail of ice cream claw prints behind him.”

“Really? Claws?” sighed Flower.

“Yep,” replied Fuen. “And he stole George Foreman from the kitchen appliances section.”

“Well,” said Flower, “I hope the police give him a grilling.”

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22 thoughts on “George Foreman”

      1. I had a catastrophic website collapse a couple of weeks ago. Some formatting changes will stay, I have no idea how I had comments set up before. It’s been so long since I changed them. JetPack still isn’t working correctly, but it’s working as best as I can get it. Could be a fix over Christmas job. I don’t have website breakages often, but when I do… 😛


  1. Never fail to put a smile on my face. I love reading your work because it keeps me happy. So whenever I’m sad or annoyed, I open up you’re blog and start reading. Thanks for keeping the smile on my face!


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