Seeking Hydra – Free Little Fears Kindle ebook

Here we go. Little Fears Presents: Seeking Hydra. The fourth book in the Little Fears Presents series. The ebook will be free this week. Head on over to Amazon and buy it for $0.00 and you can download it to any PC, tablet, iPad and Kindle ereader.

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you think the book looks sexy as feck, you can buy the paperback for £12. It would make an awesome Christmas present, just sayin!

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you grab a copy and enjoy, please do leave me a review. It helps me so much! If you leave me a review, let me know in comments and I’ll give you and your own website a shout out during the week.

Fancy a synopsis?

If anything is going to save the Little Fears from awful punch lines, it is not Hydra having an existential crisis. In Seeking Hydra, Great British groaners are the order of the day as the assembled Little Fears make their way through 90 tales of lemon trees, kinky behaviour, confused doors and mystical road hogs. Boxers seek a joke; Beat finds his pop; Sprite sees a Russian president; Lucy shoots a clay pigeon; Emu’s tossed out of a club. Written and posted with scruffy illustrations daily on, these brief vignettes (50 to 100 words) chronicle the continuing adventures of the Little Fears. With only a sense of whimsy and a deep love of old British comedy, Seeking Hydra will make you groan, cry and laugh until a bit of wee comes out, in a truly original, unoriginal, work of art and fiction.

Cheers everyone! Hope you enjoy!


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25 thoughts on “Seeking Hydra – Free Little Fears Kindle ebook”

  1. E-book downloaded, read from “cover to cover” and review left on Amazon. The themes I write about are entirely different but there’s always room for puns in those as well. I love to laugh and I’ve certainly enjoyed laughing to your ideas. All the best for future endeavors.


  2. I was going to get a free e-book (and leave you a review after reading it) but alas, they won’t let me have it as I am neither located in the UK nor in the USA… ?

    However, I am happy for you that your new book is out! ?


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