Closed Doors

Capricorn – Little Horror (ep. 61)

He slams his fists on the door.

“Let me out ya’ wankers!” he screams.

The bulb swings gently above his head. His shadow shifts.

“At least gimme a room with a window!” he yells, giving the door a final bang.

The door gently opens into the cell. He steps back blinking back the tears. He breaks down, slamming his fist on the wall built behind the doorway.


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30 thoughts on “Closed Doors”

  1. At least he’s forearmed! Hehehehe.

    I read your New Year’s Eve post Peter, it’s just taken me this long to have the energy to reply (almost woke up dead with the flu). It was so touching, and I just wanted to say you do an incredible job with your dedication to Little Fears in the face of all that. Well done that man, upwards and onwards and I have no doubt at all that 2018 will get brighter for you. ❤

    (Feel free to delete this if you’d rather not have folks asking)

    Esme sending some love from The Cloud x


    1. Cheers Esme. I’m sure 2018 will be a better year (for everyone).

      Sending belated new years fireworks up the clouds.


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