D’Jinns Gift

Capricorn (ep. 62)

“Well, it is what you asked for,” replied D’Jinn.

“No,” he whimpered. “You tricked me.”

“I gave you exactly what you wanted,” laughed D’Jinn. “To be in power for the rest of your lifetime.”

He looked at his reflection in the car window. His reflection. Gaddafi’s reflection.


If there’s one thing horror films have taught me, it’s don’t make wishes!

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37 thoughts on “D’Jinns Gift”

  1. Excellent yet again, never fail to impress me – what inspires you to create these?

    I could be doubly cheeky and say ‘ yes l know l have asked you about the Little Fears entry on ‘That Gal, That Guy series, but equally l am curious as to what truly inspires you to create this beautiful gems of mystery, intrigue and the macabre?

    But l am greedy, so have you seen this series we run here? https://aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com/2017/12/29/truly-inspired-series/

    I for one, would love to know what inspires and inspired you to create these little dances of yours?

    Drop me a line if interested and l will send a questionnaire to you aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com


  2. I’m sorry, could you (or someone) explain this one to me? I really enjoy Little Fears, but sometimes I the jokes are lost on me.
    I googled Gaddafi, so I know he was an important Libyan (is that how you spell that?) political leader/person/whatever… but there is clearly an important piece of history/knowledge that I’m missing to get the funny… and I really want to get the funny.



    1. Haha, it wasn’t intended to be as funny as everyone took it! Monday and Fridays are usually horror stories. Black & white photos and Twilight Zone-style twists.

      Gadaffi had a rather nasty public execution in the street. Someone has had a wish granted to be in power for the rest of their life by D’Jinn. D’Jinn put them into Gadaffi’s body, during his rather nasty execution.

      Technically, the wish maker will be in power for the rest his rather short life.


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