Little Fears, Grateful Update

Y’all bowled me over with your support on my post a couple of weeks ago, Good year for the Fears, lousy year for the illustrator.

I had a lot of supportive messages from friends and followers. Many of whom I didn’t even know I had. A few of you headed over and bought some of my t-shirts and books. I found two new Patrons. Lyssa went both ways.ย I had an offer of a sofa to crash on in Aberdeen with free wi-fi. Mayaย got me into a Seth Godin marketing seminar. You’re fantastic, all of you.

Thank you.

43 thoughts on “Little Fears, Grateful Update”

  1. You’re welcome! Imma ship some stuff from my island to you pretty soon!!! You’re gonna love it! But you’ll get it maybe later down in the year tho lolol!!! God bless! Xxoo


  2. If we don;t do what we have to do we’re miserable. And some years we’re miserable even when we do it. Comes with the territory. Keep kicking ass and it won;t have time to kick back!


    1. Thank you, Ann. No need to be sorry. Once I am out of my current situation I have a lot of book buying from fellow bloggers to do myself. I’ve been saying that for a year heh.


  3. Hey, anybody who toys with our collective sense of humor like you do deserves our support. By the way, why don’t you add a counter to your site tallying up the number of kittens that affiliate links kill. Seems like an easy site feature to oversee. ;->


    1. Haha. Yeah, would be a funny one.

      Semi-related, once I am moved and have some stability, I hope to publish monthly earnings from this place. Would help put into perspective how many affiliate kittens are killed and what they are killed for heh.


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