Rope Tricks

Capricorn (ep. 68)

“How do you do it?” demanded Roy.

The Indian played his flute, the rope danced to the tune.

“Look,” said Roy, “I need this for my act, or the Magic Council won’t let me play London venues!”

The music played, the rope swayed.

“Tell me!” demanded Roy, kicking the Indian in the face.


That was the last thing Roy said.

Although to be fair, it’s hard to say anything when a rope around your neck lifts you six foot into the air.

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40 thoughts on “Rope Tricks”

      1. Nah….the part of Your peanut gallery that are babies and easily freaked out need a chuckle now and again when swimming in Your sea of horror….MWAH HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!!


  1. Something similar happened to my brother (also Ray), except that instead of using the t word, he used the c word… or was it the p word… and instead of a rope, the charmer was using a cobra.


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