Little Fears, Little Opinion

Little Fears, Little Opinion

A teensy bit of market research if you please. This week I am re-filling my Etsy store, but I have a quandary. On Etsy, you can upload five or more images of a product. So the first image is the one that sells the product, then the others are different frame colours and close-ups of the paper. My debate is which do I use for a storefront ‘sales’ image.

A wee question to you good folk. Which one of the below images would do a better job of selling you an art piece?

The moody dark Threadless image.

The light and airy Etsy frame image.

If you can spare me a moment of your time, let me know in comments.


Etsy Store:

Threadless Store:

Edited to add: To clarify, I am only selling the art print, not a frame or coat hanger. (Thanks, Marge!)

128 thoughts on “Little Fears, Little Opinion”

  1. I like the light and airy easy frame image because it looks like a work on an actual wall which is generally the idea when displaying an artwork. When paper is hung from pegs or clips it can curl so this would put me off hanging it that way. Hope this helps.


  2. Though on a usual page/presentation I would say the first one would speak more about the whole spirit of your art-world, I would say the airy-etsy is a better eye-catcher as a front page. I would love that on my wall.


  3. I liked how the Threadless image was a little different from the usual way to present art, but I liked the Etsy image because it gave me an idea of how the art would look framed. I’d say the Etsy image!


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