Little Fears, Little Opinion

Little Fears, Little Opinion

A teensy bit of market research if you please. This week I am re-filling my Etsy store, but I have a quandary. On Etsy, you can upload five or more images of a product. So the first image is the one that sells the product, then the others are different frame colours and close-ups of the paper. My debate is which do I use for a storefront ‘sales’ image.

A wee question to you good folk. Which one of the below images would do a better job of selling you an art piece?

The moody dark Threadless image.

The light and airy Etsy frame image.

If you can spare me a moment of your time, let me know in comments.


Etsy Store:

Threadless Store:

Edited to add: To clarify, I am only selling the art print, not a frame or coat hanger. (Thanks, Marge!)

128 thoughts on “Little Fears, Little Opinion”

      1. Not to make this more complicated but… I was reading the other comments and realize i like the 2nd because of the black matting behind it. Finishes off the product. Have you tried hanging the first one with a black mat? And your most welcome.


      2. A black frame. I can do, I wonder if it’s against the dark wall if that would look too moody.

        And you’re not complicating things. Useful feedback is ALWAYS welcome! 🙂


      3. My eye is drawn to the hangar in the first display… but the point made about what you are purchasing is important. So, if you go with the second, emphasizing print only is crucial. Want people to be satisfied. Still like the 2nd. Much more appealing to me.


  1. If it is just the print you are selling, I would go with the The moody dark Threadless image. If I saw the light and airy Etsy frame image as the storefront “sales” image, I might assume it was a framed print I was getting.


  2. Framed and hung on a wall, the second image is how one might expect to see a piece of art displayed. Therefore, for its quirkiness in this quirky world, I prefer the first image.


  3. I prefer the first – because it shows you are selling the art work and not the frame. If I buy a piece of art I might frame it very differently to the offered frame, finding a compromise between my living room (or wherever I wanted to display the art) and the art itself. Therefore I prefer an unfinished look that stresses the art and leaves the display to me.


    1. Yes! I could snog you, that’s what I was aiming for with the darker background pictures. Cheers, Jay! Much appreciated! 7 – 6 to Airy.


  4. I like the first one, it’s stripped down and simple. And like some of the other’s say it makes it obvious it comes sans frame … but you do have the option to add the frame on Etsy right?


    1. Cheers, Devina. I do have the option, but nearly everything goes abroad. Not a good idea to send frames in an international post in my opinion. Asking for something to break, heh.

      9 – 9, currently drawn!


  5. I’m with Wally Jay – I think the first one really represents the aesthetic of Little Fears. It’s quirky, clean and showcases the artistic feel of it. Also, to my eyes, it’s clearer. Could be the darker background. When I saw the two choices, for me, it was the hanger, no hesitation. Fun to have a poll on a Monday!!


    1. Cheers, RC. I think Dark and Moody is gonna win me out. The polls going to end even I reckon, but the reasons for the black background are more convincing heh.

      13 – 11 to airy.


  6. I really want to say “dark and moody” because that’s the style here but it looks like “light and airy” sells better. Therefore, I have to bite my tongue and go against my better judgement and say:

    “light and airy”
    I feel so self-betrayed! :v


  7. Neither. Can you find some middle ground? Not everyone has bricks. Not everyone is minimal. You have twenty seconds and you lost at least 40% by setting your wares in a “scene.” Find the rhetorical commonality of your target market and soften the edges. Let the buyer fill in the background. Sell the content in way that lets potential buyers imagine it somewhere. You know what I mean. The old marketing “sell the stuff, not the ethnically androgynous happy family enjoying it.” Meyers/Briggs, bro, Find the bullseye and serve it up.


  8. Since you’re wanting to draw to the sale of an art piece, I think one with a frame that looks like a real frame would be best. The first one seems more like a kid-like hanging of a picture. The second one feels more like a poster. However, of the two, the first one definitely seems more arty than the second. I hope that helps.


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