Get Fit

Get Fit

Social Fears (Ep. 3 of 4)

“Brah,” said Spectre, “what a run!”

“I know right,” said Sprite. “I’m knackered.”

“Taking a selfie?” asked Spectre.

“Oh yes,” replied Sprite. “Gotta tweet goals, man.”

“Innit,” replied Spectre. “All this working out would be such a waste of time if we didn’t tell internet strangers we were doing it.”

Apologies for this coming stupendously late today. Having to do some in-house work this week to keep the cash flow moving.

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46 thoughts on “Get Fit”

  1. Stan Marsh: “Watch carefully. This is a trick, ok? It’s a trick I’m doing.”

    Crowd; “Oh my God he really can talk to ghosts”.

    At some point you just tell them the plants asked for water. lol


    1. Oh shit, hahahaha! I googled (again) and I was not disappointed by South Park magic trick videos. 😀


  2. Too fast in clicking on “post comment”. —

    We have a song you might find interesting / funny / offensive …:

    “Technology was made for porn
    it wasn’t made for trail.
    Technology used correctly
    will help you get some tail.
    Technology, technology
    just leave that shit at home.
    Your camera, your GPS*,
    your f@#ing mobile phone!”

    (* when an older runner is with us we change this to : “your hearing aid” 😀 )


    1. Haha, I get it. Though I did use to love a basic digital speedometer on my bicycle when I was doing 200+ miles a week commuting alone.


      1. Well, it’s only valid if you r*n in a group. And to be honest: punishment for the infringement of this “rule” is drinking beer. Who wouldn’t like to be punished? [NB: we offer alternatives, like wine or water if beer is a no-go].


  3. If you don’t show the world you are working out, how can anyone know you are? But of course, by my beautiful ONE-pack ABS, of course! I would wish you happy Fourth, but then, across the Pond, we former colonists are celebrating Independence today….


    1. Hah, it’s been a funny independence day on Twitter today. Some hashtag gold from the letters from a second civil war thing. Happy freedom from Britain day, sir!


      1. Funny that it all started over Tea, Taxes, and that royal thing… Now we have tea everywhere (though mostly ICED – which the UK knows nothing about, in California specifically we pay the highest taxes (but don’t/won’t/can’t revolt, and if we aren’t swooning over British royals, we are treating celebrities as though they were royals!


  4. Hilarious! Makes me crazy – working out in tight shirts with boobs hanging out, mini shorts, cooking- lol!
    What is the goal (oh wait – I think I’ve got it – a new line of cooking attire!)


    1. Ooof and ack. My apologies Warren. I read it while on a bus and thought I’ll reply to that when I get home. Then forgot. Completely. Really bad form on my part, sorry about that! I’ll go back to it now.


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