Cracked Vault

Chasing Leads – ep. 1

“Ma’am,” said Sally, as she entered DCI Lily’s office.

“Inspector,” replied Lily looking up from her desk.

“A call has come in ma’am,” said Sally. “First Account, our local high street building society, has had its vault cracked and cleaned out.”

“Any suspects?” asked Lily, reaching for her coat.

“It has the hallmarks of the famous cat burglar of South London,” said Sally. “Robyn Banks.”

Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

A new story, a new crime, a new villain and the return of DCI Lily and Inspector Sally!

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41 thoughts on “Cracked Vault”

    1. Ahh, man I need to return to Pratchett. I think I read everything up to Hogfather. Not very far into the collection haha.


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