Monopoly Cafe

Chasing Leads – ep. 14

“I know where she is,” sighed Poppy.

“Do you have an address?” asked Lily.

“No,” said Poppy, “but do remember, Rollie Dice? She lives in her old flat.”

“Rollie Dice ma’am?” asked Sally.

“She was a criminal mastermind, Sally,” replied Lily. “One demanded I recreate a monopoly board or she was going to blow up a local coffee shop.”

“Gosh!” gasped Sally. “What goes through your head in that sort of situation?”

“Well,” said Lily, “I thought I’d have a Go…”

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

The Little Fears have a helped the illustrator make a couple of Skillshare courses. A subscription to Skillshare costs just 0.99$ for the first three months which you can cancel any time. There’s also a ton of free courses, not even needing the 0.99$ to watch. Skillshare has thousands of courses by writers, artists and oddballs. Click the link to sign up.

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