Stepping Sideways

For the last forty-five days, I have been posting stand-alone doodles rather than my old panels. I’ve also been lacking videos. Mostly Inktober experimenting on what else can work for the Fears. I’ve come to the conclusion, mostly, it doesn’t.

I have really enjoyed doing them and I hope to post some of the larger pieces now and again. I think the smaller simpler pics would work better with a punchline on them. Like Modern Toss. A classic strip I love. It would also make the medium far more Internet shareable than my current image plus story text. I definitely need to sort and compartmentalize the Fears website before I start mixing them in though. They would out of place among the panel doodles.

Speaking of which. My old panels had a unique look and feel to them. They were a huge part of the Little Fears identity. The Fears all began with me doodling monsters on newspapers images. It’s a strong visual style I’ve really missed this last month. They’ll be making a return this week along with the videos.

I really didn’t do enough with the videos or work YouTube. As such, they never gained the following or views they should have. Now I have an office of sorts and a bit more time in the day I want to get back into making them. But, we can add in a few things. Sounds, some basic visual effects and with the longer stories, me. Sitting in a chair, a dog at my feet, a dog on my lap, biscuit in one hand, a cup of tea in the other and a book in the other hand. Narrating the tales via moustache movements. It’ll be awesome.

The last time I mentioned chair and dog based moustache narration I was asked if I’d narrate other peoples stories. Yeah, as long as it fits with what I do, I’d be up for that. Horror, humour or weird stuff. I’ll do a couple of my own first of course. Once I’m in the groove I’ll be up for narrating other folks stories.

After October, I was meant to begin a new story following Copper and Iron on a road trip through desolate Little Fears world. Filled with all the usual puns and a smidge of drama and horror. But I’m not sure if that’s going to work now. I ran some loose seven-story long arcs for Grey Moons days and then three thirty tale long story arcs for Lily and Sally. I think that was my limit on what I can get away with for longer narratives. The Copper and Iron road trip was penned at ninety stories long. Posting five a week that’s one story that’ll last four months. Would anyone follow the tale for that long? I doubt it. I’m not sure I would and I’m the one that posts them. So I’m going to go for some shorter stories and one-offs instead for a while. At least until I can separate stuff up on the website into storylines.

Oh god, that means tampering with the website again… Last time I did that I blew it up for 3 days and had to re-install everything. It’s still not working right either. Sigh I’ll get there. First things first though. Let’s see what Lucy’s been up too since visiting the Grey Moon bar all those months ago, in this weeks story, Levels. We’ll start with part one tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you love what I do, please consider clicking the links below where you can buy my books, art and tees. Or, drop a $1 into my tip jar on Ko-Fi or poke me on Patreon.

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Thank you so much for following along on the Fears journey with me. I do hope you continue to enjoy seeing, reading and hearing my stories and doodles as much as I enjoy inflicting them upon you.

I mean telling them… Telling them to you… Kinda…


26 thoughts on “Stepping Sideways”

  1. I liked most of the little sketches. It takes talent to tell a story in one frame. I wouldn’t give up on them, even if you do focus your energy into other forms of expression going forward.


    1. Cheers, Silk. I would’nt say I’m giving up on them… Just not focussing on them and later adapting the way they are published. Literally, stepping sideways.


  2. I missed the opportunity to comment as I was waiting for your Day 31 post (I’m sorry that you had to deal with the technical issue instead), but I enjoyed your Inktober very much. Your artwork and dark humour in one frame was quite captivating.
    Having said that, your future plan sounds interesting and I will continue to enjoy your artwork/stories.


    1. Aww, cheers, BT. I will post 29-31 at some point. Just got totally lost when the website a’sploded. Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. I think you should post the 4 months and see what happens. Networks today are using podcasts to vet TV programming, why not use to see if there is an animated program in your future or yes, a book. People still read books. I love all your stuff. I always smile and almost always laugh. Thank you!!


    1. Cheers, Karen. I have 5 books already I just don’t talk about/market them enough haha. I think I’ll rework the format of them a bit and publish them when they work a bit better as a daily post.


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