Knife Skills

By Silk Cords

Brass decided to stay grounded after her failure at electrical work. She decided to try her hand at cooking, recalling several TV shows she’d watched.

Brass went to the local chef’s college and found out there was an entrance exam. The exam consisted of several tests of knife skills such as julienne slicing carrots. After failing to even sharpen her knives properly, the instructor was blunt with Brass…

Her knife skills just didn’t make the cut.

Well, at least I took a stab at it, Brass thought as she left.

Story by Silk Cords of Check out her blog for saucy tales. Thanks for the funnies Silk!

Also thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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34 thoughts on “Knife Skills”

    1. Hah, I ain’t selling myself short. Just like folk to know who wrote the piece. Also, don’t sell yaself short. Look at the likes and comments it got. Clearly, folk like your punnage.


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