Isle Snaps

Brass Ep. 73

“Are we part of that land?” asked Copper.

“No,” replied Fuen. “Well, yes… Maybe. Here’s the thing. Every so often, islands appear off the coast. They pop up, filled with life, then deteriorate and sink into the ocean. Nothing from these lands ever makes it to the mainland. A friend and I just wanted to see what was on one of those islands.”

“Can you stop our land deteriorating?” asked Copper.

“The loss of these islands seems unstoppable,” sighed Fuen. “Like the tides, time or humans posting pointless Facebook updates.”

Cooo, sorry if you haven’t been able to like, comment or have been missing the last few posts in WordPress app this last few days. My JetPack plugin disconnected on the 7.1/2 update and I only noticed last night. Seems the effects have been rather random on a person by person basis. Some folk just haven’t been able to comment. Others haven’t seen my posts pop up for days. While a few folks had no issues whatsoever.

Gotta love JetPack, and all its wonderful quirks.

Original photo by Benjamin Behre on Unsplash. Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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