Little Horn

“It’s OK, my dear,” said Little Horn. “Plan A may have failed, but we have another twenty-five letters in the alphabet. Be calm. We will get there.”

Hurrah for a cheesy motivational. The funny thing about motivational quote things is that there’s often a snip of truth in them. I think I’m currently on Y. On my fourteenth run through the alphabet.

In all fourteen run-throughs, I have found a couple of plans that work. Implementing them is often trickier than I’d hope. Either way, when a plan doesn’t work I just move onto the next. No point getting hung up on what won’t work.

I had no background in marketing, but I did get the job of marketing several brands a few years back. One of the old brands I worked for was a retro-hair product. I’d get us everywhere. We’d have banners at the Brighton Burn Up motorcycle events; displays at barbers show’s; I’d get it into the hands of footballers for Instagram posts; onto the bathroom shelves in TV programs; into the GQ men’s awards; reviews in papers, magazines and blogs. Yeah, I’d get us everywhere. Some things worked, some things didn’t. But it never deterred me from trying everything once. Even if plans A to K do not work out.

I guess what I’m saying is if something doesn’t work, keep trying new things. Plan T might be the plan that works for you.

And with that, Little Horn’s available on my Etsy store. She’s an original ink, not a print. If you fail to set her frame level the first time, she won’t mind you having another 25 attempts.

Not sure how she’ll feel about the 26th…

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