“It’s a lovely milkshake,” remarked Jelly. “But Theresa May’s barricaded herself in 10 Downing Street for the next week.”

“I see,” pondered Sprite. “Then we’re gonna need a bigger milkshake…”

Lordy, lordy!

For those that don’t follow British politics, we’ve recently taken to throwing milkshakes at hard-right politicians and we have the most unpopular Prime Minister in a million years who refuses to leave the office.

The absolute state of British politics today…

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20 thoughts on “Milked”

    1. We want to offend them, not melt them with leftie-smoothie-acid-drinks, haha!

      Trivia, this week I realised our food-mixer has a blender. I am now blending ALL of the vegetables! ALL OF THEM! Haha.


  1. Polarization is a sad waste of milkshakes. There’s a franchise in the States called Steak n Shake. They reckon if they stop putting a cherry on top of their milkshakes they’ll save a million dollars a year. I mean why not. Why chuck a perfectly good milkshake AND a cherry at a bloody politician bent on turning the clock back?


    1. That’s a lot of cherries… And to be fair, sounds like most thrown milkshakes are McD’s or Burker Kings, so ‘good milkshake’ is stretching it a bit.


      1. Some of the higher end “fast food” places do now, here in the States. Smash Burger and Shake Shack both have great milkshakes! — YUR


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