Shop & Tip Jars

“You’re right,” replied Fluffeh, “we have multiple shopping outlets and experiences for our fans.”

“Multiple!” gasped Masks. “I know we might get accused of marketing if you answer this out loud, but where can I visit these Fear filled shops and experiences?”

“You can buy our books from Amazon“, said Fluffeh.

“Cool,” said Masks.

“We sell original art and art prints on our Etsy store,” said Fluffeh.

“Brillo,” said Masks.

“Folk can buy our t-shirts from Threadless,” continued Fluffeh.

“Oh, right,” gasped Masks.

“We teach on Skillshare,” claimed Fluffeh.

“Awesome,” grinned Masks.

“You can also hire the illustrator for writing or design work,” noted Fluffeh.

“Excellent,” gurned Masks. “What work can he do?”

“Well,” pondered Fluffeh, “a lot of things, but obvious examples would be designing posters, creating unique logos, writing articles or creating book covers.”

“How many more ways can the illustrator say “said”?” asked Masks.

“I don’t think we should test that,” replied Fluffeh.

“I guess not,” laughed Masks. “But listen, if there was a way of personally supporting the illustrator, how would I do that?”

“You can visit his Patreon or Ko-Fi and drop a dollar or two into his tip jar,” said Fluffeh.

“Do you think anyone’s going to read all this?” asked Masks.

“Probably not,” sighed Fluffeh. “But you know the illustrator. He ain’t writing a normal shop and tip jar page.”

“Innit tho,” chuckled Masks.

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