“What kind of nut job signs up for this?” asked the nurse.

“The kind of nut job that asks to be awake during the procedure,” replied patient 7.

The nurse shivered as the doctor began drilling into patient 7’s skull.

“Nearly there,” said the doctor, as he slid the first four wires into the hole.

“What was that?” asked the nurse, as the computer beeped.

“That’s not meant to happen,” replied the doctor, as patient 7’s heart stopped.



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8 thoughts on “Patient”

  1. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read!”, replies Josef Mengele.

    Hey, did you see where Dr. Payne shut down his practice?

    He didn’t have the patients for it…


  2. I am a patient of the universe, some days the medicine works, some days it doesn’t. I wake up each morning with the dreams slipping away, grumble . . . and throw off the covers ‘nothing else for it!” When I crawl back in bed at end of day, it is for more therapy, more dreams.


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