Malcolm woke up, he could feel sand beneath his fingers. He coughed, violently expelling water from his lungs.

He took a moment to catch his breath. The smell hit him like a train. Rotten fish mixed with the smell of human decay.

A claw reached down and lifted his head. Red eyes staring into his soul.

“You’ll do.”


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37 thoughts on “Capricorn”

      1. Haha, you know if you changed the last line of ‘Touch Me’, you could have had a killer vampire story… Just saying… 🙂


      2. Hmm… I have a friend fan of the genre asking me to write something to the effect. Thinking about it. Man! Y’all come on… I’ll be in vampire mode all day!


    1. Hey hey Phil.

      I have read quite a few of your collectives Art of Drowning posts.

      Useable? Want to use this post? Go for it. Malcolm’s bad day will continue.


    1. Mmhmm. The hope is even when they carry on, they can all be taken stand alone. Lil’ harder with some of the ambiguous horror ones though heh.


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