The first time his shadow waved to him, he thought it was a trick of the light. When his shadow took a kettle off the stove, he thought he was dreaming. When his shadow cut his wife’s head off, he was proud. When his shadow stabbed the policeman, he was nervous. His shadow now has religious texts and 14 pounds of explosives. He is not sure how he feels about that.


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37 thoughts on “Texts”

  1. ????? you are extremely good at building up to a punchline without giving away any clue until the end. Very funny, very dark and quite chilling at the same time.

    Very good work


  2. Well done! Makes me think about how much we lack consciousness of our “shadow” personality characteristics, the parts of ourselves we want to deny, project onto others, etc., until we are more capable of seeing them and hopefully understanding their underlying motivations. Until then, we have inner conflict, with our different parts, or “sides,” struggling for control–or freedom. I’ve been looking at and reading your other little stories, finding them delightful, very fun, but this one is particularly insighful. For all, though, I say again, well done!


    1. I think most people suffer a multiple personality disorder of some description under different circumstances. How they manifest and how different an individual can interests me.

      Thank you, and thank you again. 🙂


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