Dannis Shot


Mac’s body lay on the floor. A slow rasping exhale, the final breath. Danni stood, tears rolling down her cheeks. She wasn’t sure if it was from the gun smoke, or her emotions getting the better of her.

It was OK now, though. Everything would be fine. She watched Mac’s blood forming patterns around the bumps and grooves in the floor.

The lights flickered and the moon slid behind a cloud, as the dead started pulling the door off its hinges.

13 thoughts on “Dannis Shot”

  1. yassssssss my fav genre. i just frequently like these little snippets of yours. and god forgive me if this offends anyone, but i’d shoot a mac down too and leave my PC to live. har har har har. thanks little fears!


  2. Please please please please don’t go to Vampire land. That’s right on up there with erotica and positive thinking MEMEs. Go murder, go Hitchcock, go Brit and Danish angst ridden Noir but vampires are right in there with boobs and “Oh my” she gasped.

    Good shot,though.


    1. Interesting thing. I quite like vampires. Hammer Horror up to Lost Boys period in cinema. Enjoyed a few of the Anne Rice books until they just sorta… Never ended? But out of the 90’ish tales in Capricorn, I don’t think I wrote a vampire once. I have no reason why. Think my brain veered towards the weird British horror TV programs and radio shows from my youth too much. Day of the Triffids instead of Christopher Lee.

      Though I’m gonna be honest here Phil, if I thought I could write a good Hammer Horroresque vampire story, I would! 😛


      1. You lean towards the great black and white Hammers with the foggy streets and Shakespearean grave robbers and mad scientists and damsels in distress? I’ll buy it! Because I wrote a modern “Captain Blood” fairy tale just because I miss the era as it was on film.


      2. Yeah, thems the ones. Post pub vampire stories. Shown at daft’o’clock in the morning in Britain. Best vampire stories ever.

        I vaguely remember enjoying 80’s vampire films. Fright Night, Lost Boys, Vampires, the John Carpenter one. Another one with a tiny woman vampire taking on the mob as well. Sort of all changed in the 90’s. Interview with a vampire was OK. Dusk till dawn was an enjoyable romp. Other than that, can’t remember any cinematic vampire I enjoyed past that.


    1. I prefer written word myself, which is why the text versions will always remain. Enjoy voicing over though, so both will be continuing. 🙂


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