Little Fears, Big Update: Candy

Oh, man CC! Another pink! In this weeks update…

  1. Candy
  2. Threadless Free Shipping
  3. Collaborations
  5. Patreon


Yup. Colour Collective chose another pink! Ack! I struggled this week. I like the character, but I don’t like the way this portrait turned out though. Can’t hit 6’s all the time though aye?

Threadless Free Shipping

I saw this pop up on my Threadless store today.

Get Free Shipping! Use Code “CHEER7cca8e”
Order minimum $45 US/$80 INTL. Ends Dec 15 12AM CST.

Nice! If you fancy getting an early Christmas present (cheers Cyranny) grab a couple of tees or an art print.

Threadless Store:


Did you see the collaboration this week with Anthony, Mel, Layne and myself? It was awesome. I’ll be doing a write-up Monday on how we ran the collab with a second post detailing emails I would use going forward to introduce and plan collabs. Ever thought about working with other bloggers? These posts will be for you. Keep an eye out for them! I’ll deffo be doing more collaborations in the future.


Hi there, Reader Comments and Reader Likes currently only work for sites. For Jetpack sites like yours, readers will need to click through to your site to comment. We’re looking at the possibility of adding this in the Reader for Jetpack sites in future, but at the moment it’s not possible.

Uuurughghghhh. After months of fighting with my install to make comments work correctly in the WordPress reader, I just found out it’s currently impossible. Daft eh? So that’s that. It may be something that’s available in future. For now, the current comment system is the best we can do.


patreon little fears

Have you noticed my weekly update posts have had links to my new patrons? Do you want a shout out at the bottom of my weekly update posts? Head on over to Patreon and pledge $10 or more a month and not only will you help with Hydra’s feed bill, but you will also get that weekly shout out with a link back to your site. Hit me up on Patreon here:


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