You noticed I have sorted out my Instagram game right? I have flip-flopped on Instagram for ages. This last month I have finally started to dedicate a small amount of time each day to pruning my Instagram feed. It now looks more consistent, a lot of fluff posts have been removed and the following is growing with it. I’m up about 1,000 followers this month. I think that’s good. All my posts get plenty of interaction too. I need to reduce my hashtag usage but otherwise, I’m doing alright there.

This website will always be my main home for the Fears. But I have learned repeatedly that I need to spread myself a little across the net. The days my websites down my income from the Fears stops dead. Medium, Ello, Twitter and Instagram are my favourite social networks. You can say hello to me here:

Ello.co ~ @littlefears
Instagram ~ @little.fears
Medium ~ @littlefears
Twitter ~ @thelittlefears

And now a free course and a premium course for you to try on Skillshare. The first course is free. Completely free. Follow the link, sign up, and go to the course page. Skillshare is just a learning platform that hosts free and premium courses. Skillshare premium costs 0.99$ for 2 months and gives you access to thousands of courses on hundreds of subjects.

The Creative Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Interviews that Inspire

In this non-traditional class, you’ll gain access to a series of interviews that cover essential topics for the creative entrepreneur like marketing, design, and branding. These interviews were originally part of an initiative called The Board,  which is a group of 100 creators that are working together to redefine the K-Swiss brand.

Blogger Natalie Suarez sits down with some top creative entrepreneurs to go through their experience building their businesses. You’ll learn from:

  • Sharmadean Reid, founder of WAH Nails over in London, will provide some pointers on developing your business plan.
  • Scott Sasso, founder of 10Deep here in New York, will speak on brand positioning, which will allow your consumers to distinguish your brand/business from everybody else.
  • Tyler Gage and Dan Mccombie – founders of Runa Tea, a tea company supporting indigenous farmers in the Amazon. They’ll give some tips on building community and conscience into your business.
  • The Fat Jewish, everyone’s favourite Instagrammer, who gives some insight on social media strategy and how you can leverage today’s platforms to build your brand.
  • Rachel Wang, fashion director of Allure Magazine, speaks on the importance of your lookbook and Brand Imagery as a product company.
  • Jeff Staple provides tips on telling a story through your products.

Course Link: http://skl.sh/2AWgzUD


Analytics & Authenticity on Instagram: Crafting Your Digital Presence

Make yourself known on Instagram with this 45-minute class with designer and illustrator Sophia Chang. You’ll follow along as Sophia walks you through how you can build your personal brand on Instagram — covering everything from photo editing to analytics and community engagement on her favorite platform.

You’ll start by identifying your own passions by category, then you’ll zero in on how to:

  • represent those passions through photography
  • engage the communities around them on Instagram
  • interact with them in a meaningful way
  • set goals for growing your following
  • track your growth through analytics

With tips on maintaining your authenticity throughout, this class is great for anyone looking to get their work or their personal brand out there in a creative, authentic way by leveraging the power of Instagram. By the end of this class, you’ll have your own perfectly crafted online presence to share.

Linky: http://skl.sh/2B4rMD8


15 thoughts on “Fearstagram”

  1. As Instagram has been taken over by Facebook a while ago, I unfortunately can’t use it, as I intend to stay away from FB.

    However, I find it absolutely great that you always share tips and sources that help with boosting, organising and presenting creative output. That’s awesome, Peter! Thank you! ♥


  2. Blogging is becomming increasingly difficult. Readers want us posted across the web, like we have full-time job to dedicate to it … I ahve yet to find a decent way to keep Instagram flowing, so it sits like a neglected child… pouting in the corner


    1. Ah, now I don’t think you should post where your readers say. Social media is hard to maintain and grow. If you want to use social media, pick the ones you like and work them. S’why my Facebook page never gets worked. 🙂

      Instagram and Ello are great for me because I love the visual. Mediums good for my text. Twitter I like to prattle on. 🙂


      1. For me all the activity is Facebook Instagram and Snapchat. My personality and much of my content is not exactly ideal to the medium. Would be nice to have more options in the SNAP feature!


    1. Ah, I have hard barriers to spending too much time on social media. I enjoy it, I don’t let it suck me in though. Possibly why I never see and certainly avoid all the ‘drama’ I hear about on social networks heh.


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