Villains & Birdsong

Holy crap does she look like a villain! She’s gotta be the leading big bad in the third Little Fears horror anthology. She has no name yet, though it’d be nice to associate her with an astrological sign. I’m not sure which yet. Maybe Libra? Capricorn and Aries are already taken. Also takes the shade for this weeks #Colour_Collective.

In this week, we have further art. I have learned in the past, Etsy sales fail and people whine about price increases if they notice. So I have three new art prints for sale, introductory offer until Thursday 22nd of March, they will be £9 each rather than the usual £12. If you’d like a print, on our trademark (not trademarked) sexy canvas paper, message me in comments or drop me an email to

Click an image to blow it up.




Some serious seventies shades there. If you’d like any of the above in different colour schemes, we can do that too.

Also, we have another submission to Scribblers Cove, the theme of party. Not for sale, but I likes it, so I’m posting it.

If you fancy any of my older art prints, please do visit my Etsy store.

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65 thoughts on “Villains & Birdsong”

    1. Hey Pam, I can and do ship to the states. I charge postage which I round down to £3. A plastic sleeve over the print and a solid card envelope. Sent via Royal Mail, air-mail. Hope that helps!


      1. Thank you, Pam. The new prints will be on Etsy soon, at the full price of £12 each. The £9 each deal is only for here. 🙂


  1. Maybe you should name her Virgo since it’s the only sign “TECHNICALLY” dedicated to women. lol. Just a thought! But she is an AWESOME design. Can’t wait for more!!


    1. Aha, I figure I’ve consistently messed with gender in the Fears and only two people have really picked up on it. Virgo… Hmmm.. Yeah if I changed her colour to white, she’d be pretty wicked!


      1. No, I like when that happens the switching things around. Makes it more fun and exciting. Best of luck!


      2. And she can change from green to blue, and is occasionally red as well (not candy apple or bright). Virgo is good, as they are true until you say no. That’s why they’re villain’s.
        But I like Destiny, if that’s not too over used.


    1. Hmmm, the fear of balance. The fear of the other side of a coin. A big bad doesn’t necessarily need to be evil to be feared. 🙂


  2. Definitely a villain. She looks a bit like a praying mantis. The females, like some spiders, often bite the heads off their mates. Not a nice trait, so how about ‘mantis ‘ or something derived from that?


  3. WOW! She DOES look evil!!! I’m shaking in my little tin shoes! And….DUDEEEE! I LOVE the other artwork! The birds are insanely cool as are the triffids!!! You rock!!!

    Also…NO WORRIES if You haven’t yet, but wanted to let You know if You emailed me back, I never received it. And also also….I ordered some stuff from MOO and LOVE it. They are great. Thank You and Cheers and ROCK ON!!!


    1. Oooo, I totes didn’t email you! Sorry, life got away from me a bit this week. Scribbled it on my to-do and I shall fire one over to you.


  4. There’s something so nicely balanced about the phrase “villains and birdsong”. Like it could itself be the title for a song/story/poem. Mind if we took a crack at it?


  5. I wouldn’t want to get stoned looking at that Triffids pick. Really liking the look of it. Also Chirped would be great in a kid’s room. Nice work. Villain is also pretty sweet.


  6. I see the mantis as well, however there is a Mantis in the Guardians of the Galaxy, who is incapable of being evil; besides being too obvious. I’ve never been one for consensuses, but I’m leaning back towards Virgo, unless she lives in water, then perhaps Pisces.
    Fun stuff.


    1. Ooo, thank you Ann! I do hope you like her. She’s only ever featured in one story and not by name. She’s meant to be a mystical and mysterious creature individual who wanders the lands, further up the road to the afterlife. I made her as a tee on request and she turned into one of my best sellers. Two posts turn up for here.

      The Original Doodle

      Unknown Roads


      1. Heh, cheers. Yeah, on one hand I want to return to her and write a story about her. On the other hand, some things are best left unexplained?


  7. Triffids remind me a tad of the creatures from “Stranger Things”, like what they’ be if they walked upright. Scary sh*t… And btw- our version of VaB is 7.2k now. Undergoing some small revisions whenever I have spots of time.


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