Froggy Spirits

Do you think when froggy’s die they ascend to a pond in the sky? Looks more like a squid than a frog this gal, but I coloured her for this weeks #Colour_Collective on Twitter and she became a frog spirit. Original doodle in sepia when I got my new pens.

Affiliate links incoming for anyone that would like to snaffle the above gear for themselves.

Faber-Castell PITT artist pens – sepia
Daler Rowney ebony hardback sketchbook

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31 thoughts on “Froggy Spirits”

    1. Poscas are still my fave pens, lovely messy things. But the PITT’s, mmmm, omnohm! Lovely to draw with for a cleaner line!


      1. Oh, man! Don’t! A bajillion years after people stopped tagging with Poscas and the buggers are still kept in locked glass cases.


    1. I’m not keen on the coloured packs they do. I stick with black, sepia and indian ink red. But those three colours, for me, are just perfect! 🙂


    1. I think I drew her as a squid originally… Just think she looks like a froggy ghost with that colour scheme. 🙂


  1. Like her. With those extra tails your froggy ghost is like a super tadpole. Frogs are such shape shifters.


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