Oops! I missed last weeks #Colour_Collective. Posted it to Twatter and nowhere else. Flight, something we’ve all dreamed of doing right? We’ve all probably had a fear of falling from said flight too.

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10 thoughts on “Flight”

  1. I do love to fly and have more than a million miles in over 48 years. However, in 1972 when I was taking a hop from North Carolina to TX, and then to El Toro in CA, the C130 we were on first lost a right engine, and then a left. Even though the drop was only a couple of thousand feet, it was scary. But as we neared the CA border with only a hundred miles to go, we lost a third engine, and I must admit I thought we were going to die. The pilots continued to ask us to be calm because they said the plane could fly on one engine, and son-of-gun, they were right.


    1. Holy crap, woulda shit meself.

      Pilots are often darned heroes at keeping cool in that sorta situation.


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