Grey Moon

Well, I finished publishing two books on this site this week. My most recent humorous book, Grey Moon, was one of them.

Over the last three months, my three leading ladies, Fuen, Yuffie and Reala have made their way through 84 tales of ornithology, penguins, rum, love and splinters.

For a book I totally failed to promote on release, it’s received some great reviews over time. On Amazon and Good Reads, it sits at 4.5 out of 5 stars. For a more in-depth review, my good friend Richard has gone into detail in his review of Grey Moon this week.

Read a Damn Book – Grey Moon

It’s been an enjoyable story to tell and nice having an all-female cast. That was never intended as a social or political statement, but it’s been lovely hearing from folk who took it as a positive representation of women and LBGT in fiction.

If you’d like to grab a copy of Grey Moon, you can hit the links below. The paperback’s pretty darned sexy and smells lovely. It would make a great present for someone who enjoys sniffing new paperbacks. And reading. It’d be good for some who likes reading too.




24 thoughts on “Grey Moon”

  1. Am I reading the US info correct, this is book #5 of the series? Just want to make sure I start from the beginning. Thanks! And congrats!


    1. Hello Fingers and thank you. Grey Moon is book five. Each book is entirely separate though and no book has any relation to other books except for the characters in them. The cross genres too, with the second book, Capricorn, being entirely horror stories.


      1. Great! Good to know. I can read it free with my Kindle Unlimited membership so I’m all in! Looking forward to it.


    1. They are exactly the same, just the terminology a book site used for them. I’ve removed “edition” from the post heh.


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