It Arrived

It’s crested head visible above the trees signalling its arrival. The trees parted as the giant emerged from the forest. Its clawed hands crept across rooftops as it made its way through the town. The shadow of the beast turning the streets dark. The earth beneath it sinking into a deep trough as it drifted through the air above.

It arrived at the town hall. The mayor and her entourage ran outside. A civic duty. Defending their kind. She looks up. Eyes flashing red, its maw opens revealing thousands of pins for teeth. Saliva slides down its fangs, dripping onto the sprites below. It’s rank breath making all who smell it feel physically sick. A shiver runs down the mayors back.

“Would you please stop stealing my cottage cheese?” asked the giant. “I don’t mind that you steal it, it’s the little footprints you leave in it that drives me mad!”

‘It Arrived’ is part of a three-way collaboration, with my good friends Layne of Chewing on Glass and Forrest of Forresting 365. You can visit their posts on the theme of ‘it arrived’ at the links below.


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37 thoughts on “It Arrived”

      1. Hey Peter! I just wanted to tell You: I have a very dear friend who is super cool and follows my blog although she has nothing to do with blogland and kindof doesn’t really understand it. She’s a face booker which is hilarious to me because I don’t understand that and just stay away! She never clicks my like button, but when she likes something I’ve posted she either texts or tells me when we work together. (My day job is in an antique/art/gift shop). WELL! I came home Sunday evening after my adventure with my boyfriend to a REALLY happy text that she LOVED the collaboration. Loved everything about it. All of us. I wrote her a sweet Thank You. We worked together today and RIGHT when I walked in she was gushing. She LOVES You and Layne. I mean! She just couldn’t say enough about Y’all!!! About our whole thing. You’ll never know she’s around, but just know in the deep south there is an UBER cool chick who silently thinks You’re amazing! Yay and Cheers!!!


      2. Awww haha. Send her thanks from me too. A deep south uber chick sounds cool haha.

        Also, I don’t get Facebook either and I’ve been paid several times to manage pages there haha!


  1. shiver… who eats cottage cheese?… always a fan of your horror… you should do more all original art posts… I really like the way it turned out… thanks again for the invite…


    1. Thanks, Layne. Gave me a diversion and a bit of focus. I need both at the moment heh. Cheers for joining in.


  2. So great- Your stories and images are deeply original, and so immensely likable – ^_^ ❤ … and what a funny coincidence: I am actually eating cottage cheese right now.


  3. Me too. Clowns give me the creeps. Twisty the clown from American Horror story is the most terrifying. He is the best.


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