We had teal for this weeks #Colour_Collective. I think that sounds like a nice name so let’s go with it. Teal, a new little fear. Works quite well on the cream body.

With special thanks

Weekly shout out to my $10 patron, Warren from IWrite. Without people like Warren, I wouldn’t be able to wake you all with my little fears and you’d probably cry a lot less in the morning than you already do.

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18 thoughts on “Teal”

  1. Could only muster the $5 dollar level +Danish VAT, but only until my wife discovers what I’ve done! You never know what consequences might result from my actions? But thanks for following my blogs. It is always nice with a “like” isn’t it?


  2. Teal makes me cry. Teal is my fear … Teal is my companion 24/7. So glad you picked it. Teal is the colour of the ribbon for Trigeminal Neuralgia awareness. This is a very painful condition otherwise known as the Suicide Disease because so manyb people took their lives in terrible suffering. Sorry if it brings a downer. I have this condition and now I can associate the colour teal with something happy. You put a tear in my eye but you made my day.


    1. Thank’s for your observation on teal. I’ll do you a deal and buy you a meal so we can talk about the Fears look and feel. 😛


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