Siamese Cat Spirits

Siamese Cat Spirits

“Breaking Mews: Bad cat puns run rampant.”

Another kitty for Caturday. This time Siamese the cat spirit and her kittens have arrived as an original hand doodled piece.

Their minimal, kitty kibble eating form has been drawn onto 240 gsm acid-free acrylic paper for some lovely texturing. She weighs in at a size of 7 inches tall by 5 inches across. Pens included in images for size reference only. They do not come with the illustration. Neither does the grass or leaves on the ground for that matter.

If you do want the pen it’s a Faber-Castell PITT artist pens – Black.

She comes with free first class shipping within one business day so will arrive on your doorstep in a speedy fashion. You can buy her by giving the link below a wee click.

If there’s a Little Fear that you’d like made to order, please do let me know.

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