Inktober Day Twenty Six – Stretch

“You’re taller than your sister,” she noticed.
“And less gullible,” she replied.


20 thoughts on “Inktober Day Twenty Six – Stretch”

  1. Peter, for some reason, I haven’t been able to see any of the sketches when I read your posts on my phone for most of this month. Has anyone else mentioned that? I can view them just fine on the site, though.


    1. Aha, yes. WordPress in their infinite wisdom hide featured images in WordPress reader and emails. Despite featured images being a part of WP for years… So as of this week, I’ve started hiding images in the posts HTML. I believe this cludge may work for reader but not emails. I’ll keep workin on it. 🙂


  2. Best one so far… stretch needs to have a series… and be on a shirt… maybe even shirts… that I can own… (I only wear black… no pressure…)…

    Stretch could really be like an ultimate evil/ teddy bear type character… rallying all the fears together… okay I’ll stop… now I’m just thinking about the Avengers… and the overall giant fears universe… just really excited by the design… hope all is well…


    1. Aww, cheers, Layne. Glad you like her. I really need to radically overhaul my entire Threadless shop. Splashier scenes/images/logos instead of straight up characters. Like you said before, there’s no LittleFears on any of my tees.


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