Stolen Feet

“Yeah, I just saw him,” said Sprite. “It looked like his feet had been cut off!”
“Oh, yes,” replied Devilish. “That was me. I needed his shoes.”
“Good grief,” gasped Sprite. “That’s a bit extreme!”
“I know,” grinned Devilish, “but his sole is now mine.”
Sprite whined.


44 thoughts on “Stolen Feet”

      1. I know! I am SOOOOOO far behind but have finally, peacefully accepted I can only look at blogs for 20 minutes a day. Three thousand something emails wait patiently and continue to breed. I reckon I could just delete and binge as I go ’round….but I hate to miss peeps I don’t know! 🤣


      2. I have regular culls. I got to a point where I lack the time to leave comments like I used to. Frustrating but you have to accept, you can’t read every website on the internet.


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