No #Colour_Collective again this week, so I’m drafting in Aquarius for this weeks portrait. Spooky-horoscope-sea-beasts gonna be spooky-horoscope-sea-beasts, yo.

Spooky-horoscope-sea-beasts also gonna be on my Etsy store. Just saying…


With special thanks

Weekly shout out to my $10 patron, Warren from IWrite. Without people like Warren, I wouldnโ€™t be able to wake you all with my little fears and youโ€™d probably cry a lot less in the morning than you already do. So please do check out Warrens blog.

19 thoughts on “Aquarius”

      1. Paraphrase of FDR’s (Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s) famed line from his first inauguration speech. — YUR


  1. Charming, lad (lass or not at all?). In the second frame especially the different blues highlight the texture of the paper, works well together. Iโ€™m a fan of the darker one, a department in our offices is getting a repaint of a similar shade but a few hues lighter.


    1. Cheers, Dr Bo. Yeah, classics still available as a plugin. I kinda figure Gutenberg the way they want to go for editors so that’s what I’ll stick with. Also, the WordPress 5.0 is the thing that wrecked the website, so I gotta go over all old posts anyway. Not even old backups can help me there.


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