Lucy’s Valentines

“Hello Lucy,” said Yuffie, taking a seat and offering a drink.

Lucy grasped the rum between three slender fingers. “Yuffie. Been a while.”

“You’ve been busy,” said Yuffie. “I heard Amy died in an incident with a gang of crows.”

“A murder,” grinned Lucy.

“Really? Ornithology puns?” sighed Yuffie.

“She was judged and sentenced by twelve ravens,” said Lucy.

“That’s a tad unfair,” replied Yuffie.

“Unfair,” laughed Lucy. “She had her day in court.”

Yuffie winced.

A snippet of Lucy from Grey Moon. She may be a homicidal maniac, but that’s not to say she doesn’t need a little love. Seeing as valentines day is upon us hows about she gets some flowers. Blood roses are a thing, right?

We’ve given her heart two new designs this week. I never thought I’d do a product mock of a pink shirt for the fears… But hey, sometimes it kinda works in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If you’d like to grab either shirt, they’re available on the Little Fears Threadless store. Link:

Also, if you missed it yesterday, I spotted a free course on selling on Threadless. E-Commerce for Artists: Selling with Print On Demand | Learn with Threadless.

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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12 thoughts on “Lucy’s Valentines”

    1. Thank you. She’s been a resident evil doer here for a couple of years. No connections to birds were intended. I think I originally drew her as a smoke monster? Haha.


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