No matter what you write, draw or create, people who view, read or watch what you’ve made will often come away with a different view than yourself.

My triffids have been seen as Demagogues (I still haven’t seen Stranger Things). They were also recently compared to a wind farm (hah, yes!).

At markets, when you see people face to face, you often find out where your art is headed. Red’s a popular one for children’s bedrooms. The insect queen gets compared to the Spotify logo (crab nabbit, she originally had an orange head and nobody said a thing!) Leo goes to cat lovers and Fuen and the chicks just get everywhere.

But the one that always baffles me, is the Buglies are regularly bought for kitchens.

I don’t… Get it… I mean, I kinda do. They’re cute, fun and playful. But why the kitchen? Do people see them and say, “oh hey, big insects! Maybe they’ll scare the mice off!” Why buy them to hang in the kitchen?

Well, if you want to hang a pack of bugs in your kitchen, or if you just enjoy my ham-fisted marketing posts, you can find them at the Little Fears Etsy store: etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleFears

Shout out to Beverley of Kasu Tours for buying me a cuppa on Ko-Fi yesterday. Also, thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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39 thoughts on “Buglies”

  1. Yes, hi! Hey, Hello. Your monsters live in my heart and I will take that course you’re doing! I also want a shirt but I can’t choose a monster! My wife needs a new shirt ā¤


  2. Years ago an animator named “Billy Blob” had a cool website with some interactive flash animation and cartoons. One of the cartoons involved bugs taking turns on a kid’s rocket. The graphics were simple and cubist, yet awesome.

    Karma Ghost is my favorite:


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