Raised By Crows

I love crows. I love Fuen. Everyone loves crows. Everyone loves Fuen.

So, who wouldn’t want to be raised by crows?

A new addition to the Little Fears Threadless store. Linky: bit.ly/2tNCsUf

She’s available on tees, tanks and hoodies and as always, Fuen and the chicklets are on art prints available from my Etsy store. Linky: etsy.me/2sHiY3a

Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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20 thoughts on “Raised By Crows”

      1. Thank you! What are corvids?

        Sorry my apologies, crows.. They true friends of mine, I often treat them to beef… However I think human flesh must be a lot better for the reason a shark traveled across the world to find some easy catch…


      2. Arf, you’re right on sharks!

        Corvids are a group of birds including crows, ravens, magpies, rooks, jays and jackdaws. The smartest of birds. 🙂


    1. Mmhmm. Though not thinking last night, a group of crows is called a murder. So if we want to be a part of a crow-fam, does that say something about us? Haha!


      1. …or we might be wayward because the family we ‘once’ belonged were the true murderers & now we’ve grown kinship …(smirk) sorry….i probably just flew too far…(grin) Love ur art!


    1. All tees are created and sold on Threadless. The qualities a cut above Society6, RedBubble and co, and it doesn’t cost me the earth to set up.


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