The Little Fears presents, the complete story of Brass. The Fears seventh series.

[frontpage_news widget=”9900″ name=”Brass Chapters 1-30″]

[frontpage_news widget=”9901″ name=”Brass Chapters 31-60″]

[frontpage_news widget=”9905″ name=”Brass 61-84″]

[frontpage_news widget=”9908″ name=”Brass Chapter Four”]

I lost two episodes during the WordPress 5.0 troubles. If they turn up, I’ll slot them in. Until then, I hope you enjoy Copper and Irons complete story.


4 thoughts on “Brass”

  1. This is fantastic! I was worrying over how I could go through the entire Brass story and now I don’t have to. I was out of town for several days visiting family so my reading/writing has been interrupted, but I should be resuming a more normal schedule soon.

    Cheers, love!
    ~ Adeline


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