Kaijune – 11

A twelve-legged spider, creeping through the city. Arachnophobiacs, I am sorry.

My missus recently asked me to take a spider out instead of killing it. So I took him to a bar. Had a few drinks. Seemed like a nice guy. He’s training to be a web developer.

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38 thoughts on “Kaijune – 11”

  1. ❤ I used to catch jumping spiders when I was a tot and lovingly present them to my mother, who it turns out was not a fan of spiders but pretended not to be terrified of my presents. So I have a special fondness for today’s kaiju even if it does look rather grumpy! (Perhaps its child just presented it with a jumping human?)


    1. Hah, your poor mum! You sound like our old cat that would regularly bring us dead things from the forest behind us, haha.


  2. I’m the “don’t kill it, take it out” kind of girl too. Although I am usually the one ending up doing it. Never thought about treating them to a beer… I might try that next time 😛 Thanks for the idea 😉


  3. I let most spiders live, but my house has brown recluses and they die if they show up in the house. I try to tell them the basement is fine as I don’t go down there.

    Dad was bit by one.


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