Going Freelance – 3 Free Skillshare courses

I do like to have something playing in the background while I doodle, write and blog. Bonus points for something educational for the grey-matter to absorb.

A browse of Skillshare this week and I found three free courses on freelancing. Figure there’s enough artists, writers and freelancers out there following for them to be a helpful share.

They are all 100% free. Just follow any links to the website, sign up, skip anything that asks you for money, and yay, free courses. If you do subscribe to Skillshare, you can get a two-month trial for $0.99 with no obligation to continue which gives you access to thousands of courses on every subject you could imagine.

So, without further ado, free freelance courses!

Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success

Now more than ever, we live in a freelance world. Eager to take the plunge or level up your own freelance game? Join Working Not Working‘s Justin Gignac and Claire Wasserman for a 50-minute dive into the essentials of going it on your own. 

Each video lesson shares stories, examples, and tips to spark your thinking about ways to seek out the work you want  — and draw work back to you. You’ll leave inspired to:

  • Develop a strong body of work with a clear mission and side projects
  • Craft a portfolio that catches a recruiter’s eye
  • Market yourself on social media
  • Pitch traditional media
  • Seize opportunities for authentic networking
  • Set yourself up for financial success

This class is meant to be an overview, laying the foundation for going freelance and all the things to consider. The goal is to empower, enlighten, educate, and arm everyone with the itch to go freelance!

Course Link: https://skl.sh/2GAPcnk

Bookkeeping for Freelancers: How to Handle Your Finance

The secret to becoming a successful freelancer? It all starts with bookkeeping — and it’s easier than you think!

You don’t have to be a math wiz or budding accountant to better understand and manage your business’s revenue and expenses. In this easy-to-follow class, Bench’s Emily Simcox demystifies bookkeeping and provides you with the tools you need to take control of your finances. Emily’s straightforward, step-by-step process will help you understand your options and plan your next steps with ease.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right bookkeeping method for your business
  • Easily categorize and track your expenses
  • Stay organized throughout the year

Whether you’re a freelancer getting ready to invoice your first client or a small business owner looking to organize your business’s spending and expenses, you’ll gain an arsenal of tools to help you streamline your finances and optimize your bookkeeping. After taking this class, you’ll be better positioned to make decisions with confidence, grow your business, and focus on the work that matters.

Course link: https://skl.sh/2DEU2iS

Building Your Freelance Business: From First Steps to Getting Paid

Join ANDCo’s Oliver Ginsburg for a step-by-step guide to the logistics of freelancing. Whether you’re new to freelance or have years of experience, you’ll learn essential tips and tricks to help you run the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. From writing legally binding contracts to navigating your taxes, discover the tips, tools, and techniques that will take your freelance work to new heights.

Key lessons include:

  • Taking your first steps: Choosing your business entity and picking a name
  • Writing legally binding contracts
  • How (and when) to find professional help
  • Pricing your work & getting paid
  • Understanding expenses and write-offs
  • Paying your taxes

Every lesson is packed with facts, resources, and expertise compiled from the experts at ANDCo. Whether you’re a side-hustler for life or a full-time freelancer, these lessons will help you build a solid business from the ground up, allowing you to be your own boss, create your own path, and focus on the work you love.

Course link: https://skl.sh/2GBaaT6

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Free Course: A freelancers guide to being more productive working from home

The audio was recorded some months back and left on my hard drive. The sound quality isn’t as good as my current video works, so the Fears tossed a slideshow into the mix for me, and Bodom Bomp, a free course for you all on Skillshare. There’s a bit of rabbit about it below.

It goes alongside my courses on building a WordPress following, building a social media following and building a bloggers media kit.

Course Link: http://skl.sh/2w635Cz

About This Class

Hello, I am Peter, and I am the writer and illustrator of the little fears.

I was in the fortunate position of working from home a number of times for my old job, and have spent the last year writing, drawing, blogging and freelancing from home.

One of the major issues that we face as home workers staying productive. Keeping yourself productive can be difficult at home when there’s no manager breathing down your neck and a wealth of home comfort distractions to nobble your attention.

In this class, I will be covering how to manage your time for the most effective work output. Setting personal goals, coping with lack of direction and allowing yourself time for reflection. Tips for staying healthy, which have a huge impact on your productivity and finally how to deal with people as a positive and negative to your productivity.

I hope you enjoy my class.



Something I have been playing with on social media this week. In all honesty, I think it works better as a square with my marks on and writing on. However, the below was for Twitter this week, during the UKs epic heatwave.

God above it’s been hot, but my old boss insisted on having the air con on full blast. It used to give me a headache it was so cold. May as well have been working in a refrigerator. A short 2 weeks later, I am back at home, trying to get back into the swing of freelance life.

I have an empty schedule work-wise, with an imminent move in a few weeks time. So if any of you fine folks have any work for me, from website logo design to book cover illustrations, give me a holla!

I am having quite the argument with Amazon about the release of my third book. I browsed quite a few self-publishing platforms a few months back. They are all notoriously bad when there’s a problem of their own doing. In this instance, they massively misprinted my third books demo copy. Getting them to confirm this isn’t going to happen on release has been a pain in the arse. Anyone waiting for the third book, sorry, it may not be released this month as intended.

If you want to purchase my first or second books, you can grab them at the links below.

January USA – $15.54   /   January UK – £12.00

Capricorn USA – $15.54   /   Capricorn UK – £12.00


Day Jobs

As many of you know, I’m planning a house move in the coming months. I got offered a few weeks consultancy at my old firm and took the opportunity to boost my income for a few weeks. I’m actually enjoying it. With the knowledge that it’s temporary, I can relax more about my commute. I don’t start until 10 am and I leave at 5 pm. My relationship has changed with everyone there too. It’s easier stepping back in 6 months after leaving for a couple of weeks than it was seeing the same people in the daily grind.

Attack of the killer day job. A short life event where the hero will survive.

In the meantime, I have stopped pushing the Little Fears a touch and gone looking on Skillshare for some marketing courses to use a lil info from when I finish at the day job and get back into writing.

Storytelling Basics: How Creatives and Brands Can Build a Following

The first one I tried was a course by Stephanie Pereira from Kickstarter. This is a free course and it’s not bad. She discusses defining your audience and finding them on the net. Something I often forget. I certainly need to look out for reading and writing communities other than those on WordPress.

Instagram Best Practices: Grow Your Community, Work with Brands

The second course I watched was by Tyson Wheatley, a well-known photographer on Instagram. It’s premium, but if you pay as little as $0.99 you get 3 months full access to every course on Skillshare. The guy knows his stuff. He covers apps to use to edit photos, creating a synergy between your images and growing your following.

Instagram is a bit of a sticking point for me. I have nearly 1300 followers there, but I do not post daily and I am always unsure of the best way to link posts there back to the LittleFears.co.uk home. Growing the community isn’t the problem for me there, it’s what to do with it when I have it. I shall be trying a few more courses before the week is out. Would be nice to have a fresh plan for when I return to the Fears next week.