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Well, not mine. Another free course on Skillshare find today.

James Stafford has just released a new class, and it’s free. He teaches blogging and has taught a few courses before. His student counts are into the thousands and his previous courses are well rated.

His new course has an SEO heavy title, so here we go.

How To Start A Successful Blog And Make Money 2019

Son of a monkey badger, that’s a title… I’ve watched a bit of it and he’s using WordPress and Gutenburg. So it’s pretty relevant to a lot of my WordPress subscribers.

The parts I watched so far were mainly about SEO. My word, that’s something I need help with! I’ve never ranked well for SEO. My front page has no text on so Google down-rates me. I don’t work at all to counteract that on individual posts and pages. So I’ll be returning to this course tomorrow to take it in better.

In the meantime, head over to Skillshare via the link below to get this course and two free months of Skillshare premium.

Link: https://skl.sh/2IiVVq9

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