Little Fears, Big Update: Almost Gone

  1. Grey Moon
  2. Maya & Seth
  3. That Gal, That Guy
  4. You are invited, to strangeness
  5. Free class, four days left

Grey Moon

My preview book arrived. My house sale date may have also come. I intended to spend a week reading through Grey Moon a hundred times before I released it Monday 5th of February. I don’t know if I have time for that now, so you all may have to wait a couple of months until I have a new house before I have time and a decent internet connection to release it. Sorry! In the meantime, yeah, Reala look pretty handsome as the leading lady.

Maya & Seth

I mentioned a couple of weeks back, Maya got me into a marketing course with Seth Godin. Holy heck is it hard! It narrows down who you are, what you do and what change you want to make. A slice of the course.

“My goal is to help people start the day with a smile.”

I want to make people grin in the morning. Make them groan at an awful cheesy punchline or give an “oooh” to a Twilight Zone’esqe plot twist. Help people start the day right. Like that first cup of tea (or coffee) of the day. Where you take a sip and say “good grief, I needed that.”

Mayas design and writing website: Design Meets Writing

That Gal, That Guy

TeeshirtBlogger ran an e-interview with me as the star this week. I maintain, as question 30 asks, my most excellent quality is my moustache.

You can check out the interview here: That Guy, That Girl

You are invited, to strangeness

This Saturday at 9 pm UK time, Amberley (who won’t make lemonade), AlexLayne and I will be watching the Twilight Zone episode, Cold Fusion. Followed at 9:30 pm UK time, by Theatre of Puppets,  read by CreepsMcPasta. We’ll prattle along as always during the showing. If you’d like to join is, poke me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to @ you so you get in on the conversation early.

Full details here: Saturday Night Show

Free course, four days left

Properly surprised at how many people have taken the class and that it has a 100% rating. Apparently, this technique is more helpful than I gave it credit for. It’s going to remain free until the 1st of February. Once you have enrolled, it’s free to access for life.

Class link: How to convert a hand-drawn illustration into a digital graphic