“Looking glum there, Spider,” said Yuffie, “Wos’ up?”

“What is up,” replied Spider calmly.

“OK,” replied Yuffie, “what is up?”

“Swallowed a bottle of Tipp-Ex last night instead of Viagra,” sighed Spider.

“Oh dear!” said Yuffie. “Any side effects?”

“Yes,” whimpered Spider. “I woke up with a massive correction.”




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23 thoughts on “Tipp-Ex”

      1. Like your humour
        Your outlook on life
        Never change it
        Your words add laughter
        Much needed joy
        In times when for some
        Their lives need a lift
        Your humour has power
        To raise more than just a laugh
        Keep up the momentum
        May everyday every second
        Be filled with your spirit
        Your creations creating
        Miles of grateful smiles


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