“So why did you change all your passwords to ‘incorrect’?” asked Fuen.

“Well,” said Spider, “I can never remember any of my passwords, and my rabbit keeps eating my password books.”

“And?” pushed Fuen.

“Well every time I get my password wrong, I get a reminder,” said Spider.

“Eh?” asked Fuen.

Spider spun her laptop around for Fuen to see the message, ‘Your password is incorrect’.


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64 thoughts on “Password”

  1. LOL one time I changed my passoword to “stopgivingpeopleyourpassword” because I kept giving people access to one of my accounts.


      1. No, Night At The Opera, the speakeasy scene where Chico asks Groucho for the password and says he can’t tell him the password because it is swordfish. Groucho says swordfish and in he goes.


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