Elephants Trunk

“It won’t just stick back into place,” said Delia, fumbling with the elephant’s trunk.

“Here,” replied Alice, handing over a tube of super glue.

“I thought it was made of ivory,” said Delia, turning the figurine over in her hand.

“Nothing mum owns is what it looks like,” sighed Alice.

“You know,” grumbled Delia, “this would be a lot easier without all the blood on my hands.”


10 thoughts on “Elephants Trunk”

  1. I always think re-posting is a good idea, there will be many who haven’t seen said posts previously, and others will be glad to see some of them again I’m sure. I do it myself, but rarely say it’s an old post, because I tend to re-edit and improve pieces if I want to show them again, so technically (in Cloudy terms) they aren’t really old at all, which is what you’re doing by adding the videos. I also know some folks don’t bother reading if it isn’t a current piece. In your case it’s such an easier read that won’t be a problem mind.

    Keep the videos yes, and I reckon you should keep up with two a day – people like myself won’t always be able to keep up, but then you can re-post six weeks on and we’ll see them then (see above). Shimples!

    Esme waving and looking wise upon the Cloud


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