Little Fears presents: Spiders – Free for 4 days on Amazon

Little Fears presents: Spiders – Free for 4 more days 

You’re going to see another 3 of these posts. An uncharacteristic spammy thing for me, but hey, this books three months overdue and technical issues, haha! Release week of the new book and CloudFlare nadgers up. Meaning, nobody can respond to this blog post or anything on the Little Fears website, in any way through apps. Classic Little Fears luck! The issue will be resolved by the weekend. Bear with us.

So, yes, OK, the book has been released! I have reviews on this one, thank you! A good solid shout out to Jan O, who has already left me a review! Cheers Jan! Linky to her website. To Brian Thomas (I think I know who you are) and Love2Earth, if you’re out there and reading this, get me a link to your websites. I’ll give you both a shout out too. Same to anyone else who gives me a good review as it goes.

To everyone else who follows me, Spiders is free to buy on Amazon until Sunday. There aren’t many ways bloggers can give something to their readers as a thank you for being awesome. But this is something I can give you. An opportunity to get the digital edition free. Hit the links below to the digital edition, hit buy, and you can read them on any tablet through the Kindle app or Kindle device.

USA Edition:

UK Edition:

Again, I am going to ask, if you grab a copy and enjoy it, please donโ€™t forget to leave a review. They really help!


(Original Spiders release announcement, with Synopsis and details here.)


10 thoughts on “Little Fears presents: Spiders – Free for 4 days on Amazon”

    1. Nope, once you buy it (for free), it’s yours on any Kindle device and on the Kindle Android and Apple apps. No Kindle Unlimited required. ๐Ÿ™‚


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