Work Goals

I wandered into work this morning. Couldn’t see anyone at the front desk. The elevators were empty too. Out of the 42 people on my floor, only Larry and I bothered to turn up this morning. And even then, Larry had hanged himself from a high beam.

I went to make a coffee, but the milk carton was full of blood. I needed someone to put my complaint too, but HR was empty. I headed up to the MD’s office. His head was sitting on the desk. I am not sure where the rest of him was.

I’ll tell you one thing, we won’t be hitting our targets this month.

A brand new Monday horror for you (like you need more horror on a Monday right?). Originally published in the Little Fears presents – Book 2: Capricorn.

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17 thoughts on “Work Goals”

  1. This was amazing. I don’t think I’ve laughed this much in a while. Great little short story, LF. I enjoyed it a great deal. Looking forward to reading some more of Monday Horrors!


  2. This is amazing. Monday Horrors, eh? I’m looking forward to reading more of these, as they come about. Flash Fiction at its finest, a bit terrifying to think about walking into and pulled together with a touch of morbid humor. My cup of water, that.


    1. Haha, cheers Mill. 🙂

      I have new horrors every Monday and Friday mornings. Currently recording voice-overs for my older tales, which I post Wednesday evenings.


    1. Thank you. Horror only gets posted twice a week here, the rest is humour. Even then, my horror is more akin to strange tales heh.


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