Little Fears, Big Update: Wurm

Here be a quick update for a fast week.

  1. Wurm
  2. Dwagons
  3. ItsOnCraft
  4. About the Fears
  5. Inktober, Witchtober & Goretober
  6. Creative Market Big Bundle
  7. Patreon


Check her out, a wiggly wurm, in the fantasy sense of course. She’s one of my Inktober doodles made good for this week’s Colour Collective on Twitter. No backstory yet as she’s a fresher than fresh character. I quite like the look of her. She’s a keeper.


Another Inktober creature, but I adore her already. Give her a moonlit backing and shes a sexy dragon who’ll be coming back in the future. She’s available as an art print from $12 on my Threadless store.



I was fortunate to be featured on ItsOnCraft’s craft cards this week. Head on over to catch my 30-second bite of wisdom on honing your craft. Complete with a cheesy pun of course.

You can see my card here:

Check out the daily niblets of creative advice here:

About the Fears

little fears vulture

I haven’t had the link for the About page on this site visible, since the beginning, yet people always found it. So two weeks ago, I tidied it up, made it show up and forgot to turn comments off. Doh! Apologies if you commented, I have since cleaned off all comments from my about page. I like my info pages nice and clean.

I don’t know if it’s cause and effect, but since making it visible I have had a number of new SKillshare students, t-shirt and book sales. Interesting. The power of a good about page? How the smeg did it get over 900 likes?


Inktober, Witchtober & Goretober

Yep, still doing Inktober, Witchtober and Goretober. A collage of how this week has gone.

Inktober has provided me with new characters left, right and centre.

Lucy has continued her killing spree across the internet. Interestingly, Lucy’s campaign of death is the most popular of the four projects I have going this month. Does that say something about me or you lot?

Yuffie’s looking a little more consistent in hat shape and style for Witchtober, which was the idea. She’s having a wander about the internet with Hydra and Ratty.

Creative Market Big Bundle

You may have noticed a little banner at the bottom of my posts the last few days. They won’t be appearing every day, but if I see a product I like and I think you may find useful, I’ll be nobbling an affiliate banner for it.

Creative Market bundles are something me and the missus have been buying for the last couple of years. Every month they put together over $1000 of digital goods and sell it for $39. The goodies you get range from WordPress templates to fonts to photography to mockups. If any of you click the banner and nobble a bundle, I get a few cents. It won’t make me rich, but it may help towards a web hosting bill.

Linky for those interested:


patreon little fears

Do you want a shout out at the bottom of my weekly update posts? Head on over to Patreon and pledge $10 or more a month and not only will you help with Hydra’s feed bill, but you will also get that weekly shout out with a link back to your site. Hit me up on Patreon here:

While we are on Patreon, a quick shout out to my fantastic new Patreon supporter Barbara from A wonderful wee blog that offers food for the soul. Thanks again Barbara!


20 thoughts on “Little Fears, Big Update: Wurm”

  1. Hi ? I just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for an award. My post is already published, so you can take a look at it ?

    I just want to say I chose you because I think your blog is unique and beautiful.


    PS: You are not obligated to participate.


      1. Welcies. I’m afraid award posts don’t really work on this website, a link back is the best I can offer in thanks.


      2. Don’t worry about it πŸ™‚ It’s a nice gesture and it’s more than enough for me. Really, I appreciate your effort πŸ™‚


  2. All my X-girlfriends were like Lucy. All my girlfriends are X. I’m now married to the Anti-Lucy. If Lucy ever encounters the Anti-Lucy, the Universe will self-immolate. Then, who would know?


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